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BDA Board Approves Downtown Access Strategy Update

February 21, 2019 - by Matt Jack, BDA Policy Manager

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On February 19, the BDA Board of Directors unanimously approved the Transportation Committee’s recommendation of a reworked Downtown Access Strategy, concluding the 6-month process to update the strategy.

The original BDA Downtown Access Strategy was adopted by the Board of Directors in 2011 to serve as a guiding document for advocacy efforts regarding mobility issues. Since then, population and job growth has increased trips, City and regional mobility initiatives have been implemented and new technologies have emerged. In 2016, the BDA Board adopted the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan which identified updating the Downtown Access Strategy as a key initiative to respond to these changes. The BDA Transportation Committee was tasked with evaluating mobility challenges, identifying investment priorities, and drafting a recommendation for an updated Downtown Access Strategy.

Transportation Committee Co-Chairs Amy Carlson and Susan Stead organized a series of four meetings to update the Downtown Access Strategy. The objective was to create a Downtown Access Strategy to reflect current mobility challenges and streamline the discussion process to more efficiently and effectively craft policy recommendations for the Board.

Changes to the Downtown Access Strategy include a regimented approach to navigating member discussions toward shared goals. It was important to the Transportation Committee that the strategy could be easily understood by any member. Language was kept simply and concise, and a supplemental Mobility Catalog was created to inform members of the many different transportation projects and initiatives. The updated Downtown Access Strategy will bolster the BDA’s approach to mobility advocacy, better positioning the organization to efficiently communicate recommendations to policy influencers.  Credit on complementing this assignment goes to the Co-Chairs and the Transportation Committee members who committed time and energy in this process. 

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