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Issues & Advocacy

The BDA stands up and speaks out on behalf of its members.

Whether it's local, state or federal, the BDA tracks the issues affecting Downtown Bellevue. The BDA convenes stakeholders to identify challenges and develop solutions. Through thoughtful engagement and collaboration, BDA members craft messaging and positions for the BDA to uphold and represent. Learn more about how the BDA provides its members the opportunity to engage in policy issues. 


The BDA has been the leading voice for Downtown Livability Initiative, a City initiative to update the 35-year old Downtown Land Use Code. The BDA has tracked the amendment process every step of the way, with members engaging in study sessions of the Commission’s packet materials, meeting with City staff, reviewing the BERK economic analysis, participating in the ULI Technical Advisory Panel, and carefully examining the Draft Code. The BDA believes the Draft Code reflects many improvements sought by the community.

BDA Activity

BDA Land Use Code Core Recommendations 

Energize Eastside is an initiative by Puget Sound Energy to update the 50-year-old transmission lines. The initiative is currently scoping the Environmental Impact Statement  for Phase 2. The Phase 2 Scoping Draft EIS public comment period opened on 5/8 and closes on 6/21. Following the close of the comment period, the City of Bellevue project team will begin preparation of the Final EIS. The Final EIS will respond to all public and agency comments received during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the EIS. The BDA supports the initiative.    

BDA Activity

  • (June 21, 2017) The BDA submitted a letter of support for Alternative 1: New Substation and 230 kV Transmission.
  • (June 20, 2017) The BDA Board of Directors unanimously approved the draft letter of support for Alternative 1: New Substation and 230 kV Transmission.
  • (June 12, 2017) The BDA voiced support of Alternative 1 at the 6/12 City Council meeting public comment.

BDA Letter of Support


Growth is a sign of prosperity, but it also presents new challenges. Transportation improvements are an ongoing necessity to addressing the ever increasing growth.  The BDA has a Transportation Committee that tracks projects in and around Downtown Bellevue and looks to improve all modes of mobility options. 

BDA Activity

BDA Downtown Access Strategy Plan


The BDA is tracking the latest development of the Bellevue Affordable Housing Strategy. 

BDA Activity

  • (July 18, 2017) BDA Board review of the Affordable Housing Strategy
  • (June 7, 2017) Land Use & Livability Committee update on the Affordable Housing Strategy
  • (February 21, 2017) BDA Board review of the Affordable Housing Technical Advisory Group work