Member Committees

The BDA offers its members organized committees to track important issues impacting Downtown Bellevue and the surrounding region. The committees convene stakeholders to discuss issues, collect input, and create messaging for BDA advocacy.  With major policy positions, committees will present recommendations for the BDA Board of Directors, and if approved, BDA policy positions are established for future advocacy.

Committee Path to Advocacy

Committee Benefits

  • Committees are supported by full-time policy staff.
  • Meetings are organized with the latest information and materials. 
  • Special guests are regularly invited to share insight into policy issues.
  • Messaging drafted at meetings is communicated at public comment and public hearings.
  • BDA staff attend official meetings to track and share the latest information. 

The BDA is an effective advocacy organization because its members truly care about Downtown Bellevue. They care about growing the economy, developing for the future, enhancing livability, supporting transportation solutions, attracting talent and making it a premier destination to work, live and enjoy.  

The committee members bring their professional insight into discussions, creating a spectrum of ideas and solutions for addressing challenges. Through a process of deliberation, committees can gather consensus on position recommendations that are presented to the BDA Board of Directors. If approved by the Board, the BDA then serves as a conduit for the committee recommendations, advocating fully on behalf of its membership. 

If you’re interested in joining a committee or want to learn more, please contact Matt Jack, BDA Policy Manager.

Member Committees

Land Use & Livability Committee - Tracks land use code updates, development projects, and other key issues related to the Downtown Livability Initiative.

Transportation Committee - Tracks transportation improvement projects, mobility solutions, and other key issues related to the Downtown Livability Initiative.

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