Land Use & Livability Committee

The BDA Land Use & Livability Committee tracks the latest issues regarding land use code, property developments, and public infrastructure changes to Downtown Bellevue.

At its core, the committee follows the progress of the Downtown Livability, a city initiative that reviews regulations that guide downtown development and land use activity. The Downtown Land Use Code Amendment is an important element to Downtown Livability, and the the committee has been actively engaged in the amendment process as a body of stakeholders who review  the Downtown Land Use Code Amendments - a more than 4-year long process to update the Downtown Land Use Code.

Future Meeting Subjects

  • LUCA - BDA Staff is tracking the LUCA through the process.  Council adoption is now scheduled for October 16, 2017.  BDA Staff will determine if a meeting will be necessary before the adoption date (pending Council response at 10/2 study session).
  • Early Design Review Process - BDA Staff will organize a focus group meeting with the City to discuss implementing a new early design review process.
  • Multifamiliy Tax Exemption - BDA Staff will organize a future meeting with the City to discuss changes to the MFTE.  The City is undergoing an Affordable Housing Strategy, and updating the MFTE is an important aspect of implementing this strategy.    




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