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Hello Yellow! Lanterns Are Back in the Heart of Bellevue

June 24, 2021 - by Kensey Wentworth

Hello yellow!
Lanterns Are Back in the Heart of Bellevue 

For the past two years, the Bellevue Downtown Association has worked with property managers and businesses to hang colorful lanterns across Downtown Bellevue. 

This year, more lanterns will be on display than ever before. More than 600 yellow lanterns will line the walk between the Bellevue Transit Center and Lincoln Square, hanging overhead in trees and strung from structures. Lanterns can also be spotted along Bellevue Way, around the path at Downtown Park and into Old Bellevue. 

"We're excited to bring back the pop of color to Bellevue this summer," said Mike Ogliore, the vice president of events and operations for the Bellevue Downtown Association. "This project is always a great effort between our Downtown property owners and businesses. We're excited to be hanging more of these along the proposed Grand Connection route through Downtown this year." 

The installation is part of the Grand Connection vision – a collaborative effort between the Bellevue Downtown Association, the City of Bellevue, businesses and property owners along the pedestrian corridor. The overall goal is to add vibrancy and create a stronger sense of place across Downtown Bellevue.

Lanterns will be up throughout the summer. Next time you’re in Downtown, be sure to snap a pic and tag #HeartofBellevue

A big thank you goes out to the City of Bellevue and member property owners and companies on the corridor who were involved in the installation.

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