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Background Information

The original BDA Downtown Access Strategy was adopted by the Board of Directors in 2011 to serve as a guiding document for advocacy efforts regarding mobility issues. Since then, population and job growth has increased trips, City and regional mobility initiatives have been implemented and new technologies have emerged. In 2016, the BDA Board adopted the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan which identified updating the Downtown Access Strategy as a key initiative to respond to these changes. The BDA Transportation Committee is tasked with evaluating mobility challenges, identifying investment priorities, and drafting a recommendation for an updated Downtown Access Strategy.

2020 Amendments

The BDA Board of Directors adopted a set of amendments to the DAS to amid the COVID pandemic's first year to adapt the BDA's goals to consider immediate needs and new challenges. View this one-page infographic for details about the amendments.

2018 Update Process

The Transportation Committee organized a series of four meetings to update the Downtown Access Strategy. The objective was to update the Downtown Access Strategy to reflect current mobility challenges and streamline the discussion process to more efficiently and effectively craft policy recommendation for the Board. 

MEETING #1: Level Setting & Learning 
September 20, 2018 
•    City staff presentations
•    Round table discussion about priorities

MEETING #2: Show & Tell + Work Session 
October 16, 2018 
•    Member show & tell
•    Exercise to identify new draft language

INTERIM: Between Meetings 2 & 3:
•    Staff composed draft using member feedback
•    Surveyed member response to draft
MEETING #3: Work Session
November 15, 2018 
•    Reviewed survey results
•    Reworked first draft and provided direction for final draft

MEETING #4: Work Session
January 24, 2019
•    Final draft refinement
•    Consensus gather to forward draft update to board

February 19, 2019
•    Recommended Downtown Access Strategy update adopted